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Who We Are


Having spent the last three years organizing the perfect brunches for our internet friends and family, our founder - Lillian Jackson, quickly found that brunch is more than a meal. It's a vibe.

She believed that bring together friends over brunch was a vessel for people to connect with those that they might not have normally met.  With that, she dreamed up Brunch in a Bottle.

Brunch in a Bottle is a black women owned collection of sparkling wines.  Our wines are reminiscent of a fun brunch cocktail without the hassle of being a mixologist.  It is brunch simplified. 

Our founder has been throwing brunch events for the three years in the US & Canada. In 2018 she started Brown Skin Brunchin', a social group dedicated to bringing together women of color over brunch.

During the height of COVID in 2020 she dreamed up the perfect cocktails that could take the essence of brunch with friends home. 

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